Top Ten Gardening Websites

10. Fine Gardening

Kicking off the list at number ten is Fine Gardening. The website is related to the magazine of the same name but it contains features you won’t see in the publication. Even uncommon plants are covered in one way or another, often with suggestions for whether or not to include it in your garden. The site isn’t higher on the list because much of its space is dedicated to ads for gardening supplies. This list isn’t about products, it’s about information.


While I can be quick to knock any site hosted by a television network, I’m surprised at how much can be learned from HGTV’s website. It also has the highest aesthetic quality of any site on this list (attributed to undoubtedly having the highest budget). Its gardening section is divided into several subsections and covers information you won’t find in too many other places, such as how to grow raised beds. On the downside, there are quite a few ads that might get in your way. 

8. Dave’s Garden

This site is number one on a lot of lists out there, but for me it’s number eight. The guides cover so much, but they’re often brief. The personal blogs and forum hosted on the website tend to be more helpful. Also, I just don’t like being bombarded with ads.

7. Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening is one of the sites on my list because I don’t personally use pesticides in any of my gardening, so to find a site that provides tips on keeping the pests that love to eat my future dinner ingredients away without using harmful chemicals is more than okay by me.

6. NCPR Gardening Podcasts

NCPR made the list not because of their site as a whole but because of one particular feature: podcasts. I read a lot, especially the content on the other websites on this list. But when I’m out exercising I certainly can’t read. I can, however, plug my headphones in and learn gardening lessons from experienced people.

5. Oregon State Gardening

Oregon State has some significant extensions including small farms and food preservation communities. Their gardening extension is top-of-the-line as is the website with guides, handbooks and more. I love Teresa’s Backyard Garden video blog. I can watch the videos on my iPhone while I’m at the gym!

4. The Helpful Gardener

The Helpful Gardener is loaded with helpful gardening articles, but its real draw is the Bonsai Forums. The forums are great for asking questions. I used to post there often, but not so much since my last break up. The downside of The Helpful Gardener is that the layout is a bit cluttered. Not enough to keep it off my top ten, mind you.

3. National Gardening Association

Whether you want to learn about the different kinds of plants or how to care for the ones you’ve already grown, the NGA provides the right advice. They also have some interesting and entertaining regular features. I love Moss in the City! Lastly I’d like to mention that the site has a huge section dedicated to kids’ gardening.

2. Royal Horticultural Society

How could a royal society not be thorough? The Royal Horticultural Society has a team of botanists constantly developing new techniques and making new suggestions about gardening. They also cover tomato, potato and plum harvesting along with tons of other yummy fruits and veggies. It’s also very accommodating for kids.

And coming in at number one is none other than…

1.Garden Guides

I can’t remember when Garden Guides became my favorite gardening website. Possibly when I got a little better at cooking and started using home cooked ingredients. Garden Guides not only has text articles and videos guiding you through the gardening process, but it has featured recipes as well. Go on a journey with your food from seed to supper. It also thoroughly covers flowers and other inedible plants.